Fragrant Gardens

Not only does this ebook tell you which plants are fragrant, it also tells you how to succeed at growing them.

My name is Doug Green and I'm not a fancy writer so I can only tell you what's in the book and how it will help your garden.

I'm a full time writer and I sell a lot of gardening e-books because I make that simple promise of providing you information you can use right away to improve your gardening.

Here's what's in the Book


I don't know about you but I want a garden where the shrubs are fragrant. Starting with lilacs and their sweet perfume, we move to mockoranges and honeysuckle with their light and garden filling fragrances. After them come the olives, magnolia, currants, roses and box. We want a summer-long explosion of color and fragrance from our plants so planting fragrant shrubs creates a backbone of fragrance as well as structure in our designs.

And we don't want some of the fragrant shrubs that are sometimes sold as "fragrant". I'll tell you which hardy shrubs and small trees are noxiously fragrant.


And the most fragrant of shrubs is the rose. What else could I possibly say about the single most fragrant shrub in the world? Yes, the breeders have too-long ignored fragrance and yes, you do have to be careful which rose you purchase if you want to obtain this most special of fragrances. (I really like the musk roses.)

You can hardly go wrong with a David Austin rose if you're looking for fragrance but the major award winners for hybrid tea roses are listed in the book. Purchase any of these and you won't be disappointed.

Fragrant Perennials

Fragrant perennials are the backbone of my perennial gardens and I can not understand why more gardeners don't pick flowers based on fragrance.

Yes, the breeders have focused on making flowers bigger but some of the older varieties have more fragrance than the newer, more heavily advertised hybrids.

Seek out both fragrant perennials and the more fragrant varieties if you want a season-long display of color as well as fragrance.

Annual Flowers

If you have a choice between growing an annual that blooms all summer and *is* fragrant versus one that isn't fragrant, which would you choose? Of course - you want fragrant gardens don't you? :-)

This section lists all the flowering annuals that are fragrant including the plant that is the single most fragrant flower but that you'll hide in the back of the garden because the flowers are ugly.

Fragrant Bulbs including Tulips You Want to Grow

Finally, finding fragrant bulbs so you can enjoy not only the early bloom but the early fragrance has not been easy. Unless you pick hyacinths, the reputation for most bulbs is that they are not fragrant.

This is far from the truth and this section tells you which bulbs are fragrant and even which varieties within bulbs are fragrant. So if you want to plant fragrant tulips, this section describes all the choices you have and which variety is the single best fragrant tulip to plant.

What's In the Ebook?

This ebook lists all the fragrant plants that are garden-worthy.

It describes how to grow them, how large they get and how and when to prune them to encourage new blossoms and perfume.

With this book as a guideline, you'll be able to create a fragrant garden that will be perfumed from early spring until late fall.


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