The For Steps For Successfully Forcing A Hyacinth Bulb To Bloom<

The rules for forcing a hyacinth bulb are pretty much the same as forcing other spring blooming flower bulbs.

Step One

If you want to see blooms, you have to pre-chill them. Hyacinths bulbs require 12 weeks of chilling at temperatures below 48° F.

Step Two: Length to bloom

After chilling they require 2-3 weeks indoors to bring to bloom.

Plant in full sunlight, room temperatures of 70F are ideal while warmer temperatures will speed up bloom, cooler temperatures will slow down the bloom.

hyacinth potted in front of mirror
Pots place against mirrors to give a sense of "bigger"

Step Three: After Blooming

Once the plant is in bud, you can put it almost anywhere you want for decorative purposes but do remember that warmer temperatures will shorten the lifespan of the flower.

Step Four: Timing

For late December bloom, start up by mid-September. Plant into as large a pot as you can find and place them 2 inches apart in the pot for a magnificent flower show

Recommended Varieties

Recommended Varieties for container bulb gardening include:

'Anna Marie', pale pink
'Carnegie', white
'Delft Blue', soft lilac blue
'Pink Pearl', brilliant bright pink
'White Pearl', white

Book cover spring bulbs

After Blooming

After blooming is done, the forcing hyacinth bulb can be discarded or like other forcing bulbs, grown on and planted in the garden after all danger of frost(don’t disturb the roots).

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