Practical Tips and Hints for Growing Great Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs are one of the easiest gardening plants to grow for real beginners. And, serious gardeners can collect thousands of different species to amaze us all. There is indeed a bulb for every garden and gardener from the frozen North to the deep South.

And the good news is you can have bulbs blooming outdoors all season and then, with a little planning, have them all winter as well. :-)

All the bulbs here can be grown in a USDA 4 garden (but maybe not wintered outside) and I have grown them for the stories and for the blooms.

Between stories and blooms, bulbs in the garden are a great idea.

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Indoor Bulbs
Spring Blooming Bulbs
Summer Blooming Bulbs
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Growing Tips and Hints

Moving flower bulbs Some hints and tips to help you succeed with moving your favorite bulbs

My Bulbs are Sprouting In The Fall what can I do with fall sprouting bulbs?

Rules of Thumb for Planting Flower Bulbs here are the general rules you need to know to succeed with flower bulb planting

Amaryllis - Everybody's Favorite Christmas Bulb

Amaryllis belladonna Readily available but don't confuse it with the larger flower Amaryllis

Growing and Reblooming AmaryllisHere are the major seven things you need in order to succeed at growing roses in containers

Amaryllis 'Splash'
Amaryllis 'Splash'


Potted Tulips What you need to know to succeed with potted tulips - from buying to reblooming

Grow Your Own Tulips From Seed If you have tulip seed, here's how to start and grow it on.

Tulip Bulbs Not BloomingHere are the main reasons your tulip bulbs aren't blooming and what you *can't* do about it.

Unbreakable Rules for Tulip Care What you need to understand if you want to really grow tulips from year to year.

Narcissus Hawera
Tulip 'Beauty of Spring'


Daffodils are the second most popular bulb, and one prized by those (like me) who have deer herbs snacking on their tulips because very few creatures bother this plant or flower.

Here's how to grow them properly.

Planting DaffodilsWhat you need to know to succeed at planting daffodils properly.

Daffodil CareGeneral daffodil care suggestions and how to move them

Daffodil MaintenanceWhat it is you should be doing to keep your bulbs healthy this year

Stories and Legends of DaffodilsWhy soldiers were called Daffodils and other interesting bits of flower bulb folklore.

Narcissus Hawera
Narcissus 'Hawera'


Growing HyacinthsEasy to grow and extremely fragrant (in many different colors)

Forcing HyacinthsHow to force hyacinths and the best varieties to use

Hyacinth 'Amsterdam'

Spring Blooming Bulbs

AlliumAllium or ornamental onions produce attractive balls of color to brighten up spring

Anemone blandaAnemone blanda brighten up spring in USDA zone 5 gardens

Anomone coronariaIt's tough to beat the color range on this spring charmer BletillaBletilla striata - a rarely grown plant that should be (well, I think it should be) :-)

CamassiaThis is a charming native orchid relative that wants a specific planting spot. Give it this and you'll wind up with a spring blooming gem.

ChionodoxaAnother spring charmer that will win your heart and it's easy to grow

Corydalis solidaCorydalis is a large family and this is a charming bulb form, easy to grow

Crocus Easy to grow, tough to kill and the brightest welcome to spring in the garden

EranthisA charming small bulb for naturalizing in rock gardens

Erythronium or Dog's Tooth Violeta North American native bulb for spring treasures in your shade garden

FritillariaHere are the tricks to growing this gorgeous bulb - from planting to growing

anemone coronaria
Anemone coronaria De Caen

GaltoniaI have always liked this plant and have no idea why it's not more popular

HyacinthoidesThis spring charmer defines the easiest bulb to naturalize I know

IpheionI love bulbs that provide a pronunciation challenge

IxolirionEasy to grow and not many folks grow this purple splendor bulb

MuscariPurple or White Muscari spread nicely and are early to brighten up your garden

NerineA wonderful flower that's different from those everybody grows

OrnithogalumThis fast-spreading bulb comes with a "thug" warning but it's quite lovely if you can control it

PuschkiniaPuschkinia easy to grow, tough to kill and great naturalizing bulb

ScillaScilla are one of the earliest and best naturalizing bulbs in blue

SnowdropsOne of the most popular of early spring bulbs, this plant has been bred into many different forms.

anemone coronaria
Anemone coronaria 'Governor'

Book cover spring bulbs

Summer Blooming Bulbs

AchimenesA hardy relative of the African violet, and a stunning container plant

AcidantheraAbyssinian gladiolus is a lovely tender white-flowering summer bloomer (easy)

Calla LiliesThis is the hardy perennial bog plant - if you're looking for colors other than white, you want to look at Zantedeschia

Calla Lily SeedsYou have the seeds and here's how to start them to grow your own plants

Colocasia or Elephant Ear Bulbsfor amazing all-season foliage and spectacular blooms

CrinumSwamp lily - one of the few bulbs for wet areas

CrocosmiaBright colors and easy to grow make this a deserving bulb for your garden

DahliaA classic plant in multiple colors, shapes and sizes for containers and gardens of all sizes

Eremurus or Foxtail Lilywith stunning spires in mid-summer. A gorgeous garden performer

Tigridia or Tiger Flowerlovely blooms but needs to be dug in the fall as it's quite tender

Fall Blooming Bulbs

Autumn Crocus (Colchicum)Autumn crocus are delightfully colorful season ending blooms - easy to grow

Fall Crocus (Crocus species) are wonderful fall bloomers and need to be grown more often.

Hardy CyclamenDainty flowers blooming in shady areas - these are garden treasures.

BabianaBabiana is a tender bulb but lovely and fall blooming

fall blooming crocus
Fall Blooming Crocus

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