Designing the Colorful Everblooming Perennial Garden

The real issue for many gardeners in creating the everblooming perennial garden - is they take a look at magazines and say, "I want that look!" but have absolutely no idea how to go about doing it. And between you and me, I've seen more books written about this topic that are simply not helpful in a practical way. You buy the book but then you can't apply it in your own garden.

Here's the answer to that problem and it's aimed at beginning gardeners as well as more advanced folks. If you're read any of my other ebooks, you know I write from experience and in a way that gardeners can immediately use in their own gardens. This isn't a padded out ebook - this is what you need to know to take your garden to the next step (or just take the first one) :-)

How To Have a Garden in Bloom All Summer

First, the ebook tells you how to have a perennial garden that's in bloom all summer long. The technique isn't rocket science and every beginner can do this in the first year of gardening. I've given you the technique and the plant lists you need to accomplish this. And while it works best on bigger gardens, small gardens can also benefit from this system as well.

What Plant Goes With What?

Second, the problem most gardeners find themselves trying to solve is what color goes with what? What plant combination works in the garden? This ebook gives you the answer to that in a way you can understand. It's not about me giving you combinations, it's me giving you several tools so you can make your own decisions about what works for you.

Who's It For?

Again - creating everblooming perennial gardens can be done in the simplest ways by beginners. But equally importantly, it's something that expands from very simple systems right up to complex color schemes so as you learn about plants or learn about color and plant combinations, you're going to be able to create your own garden plant combinations.

I've given you a bunch of pictures to illustrate the points in the book and the tools you'll use in visual forms you can simply print out to take shopping with you. The plant lists at the back of the book will also give you the basic choices to make and if you follow this system, I guarantee you'll have a garden in bloom all summer.

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