Eucomis or pineapple plant is a South African native and member of the lily family. It is a fun little plant but do not plant it if you don’t want to attract bees (or plant it somewhere far enough away) as the multiple flowers are heavy nectar producers.

The flower is formed by a spike of multiple smaller flowers and it comes by its common name of pineapple plant honestly (it rather looks like one flowering).

Careful, it's tender

Being from South Africa, his is a tender bulb and should be brought indoors before and during any frosty periods. In cold regions, grow it as an annual bulb, bringing indoors and keeping warm and dry for the winter.

eucomis comosa
Eucomis comosa

The easiest way to grow

The easiest way to grow this bulb is in a pot and simply leave it in the pot over the winter. Do not water during the winter and only start watering after you’ve put it outdoors for the summer or it starts growing by itself slightly earlier. It likes spring wet (it grows naturally on mountain slopes that get lots of spring rain but none in the winter) so do water it regularly in the spring and summer.

Grow this bulb in the full hot sun or at the very least full morning sun in a perennial garden bed. It does grow well in the ground as well as containers and dig it up before a heavy fall frost. (keep warm and dry indoors for the winter) This plant does benefit from regular summer feeding as it is a greedy feeder and will produce bigger flowers with a fertile soil.

eucomis autumnalis
Eucomis autumnalis

Important details

Flower colour: yellow, green, white
Flowering period: July - August
Average plant height: 30 - 60 cm
Only cover the bulb itself with a thin layer of soil. Do not plant deeply
Spacing between eucomis bulbs: 15 cm

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