Earwigs can be a bit of a problem with bulbs in some gardens. But the reality is they are a mixed blessing.

Earwigs eat aphids and are major bad-insect predators in the garden.

Earwigs also eat decaying organic matter and want a place to hide.

Earwigs also snack on some flower blossoms if other food sources are low or they feel like dessert.

On the balance, they're good guys in the garden but many people don't see them that way because they do tend to hide up in the blossoms and snack while hiding.

Having said that, here are a few things you can do to control this insect.


This insect eats decaying organic matter as their first choice of food. So, you really have two choices: The first and most impractical is to get rid of all decaying matter in the garden. This isn't going to happen but you can try.

The second (and what I do) is lay down a permanent layer of organic mulch. The earwigs stay happily below the mulch for the most part, eating away down there and not bothering my flowers.

Diatomaceous Earth

You can sprinkle your flowers with diatomaceous earth. This product is an environmentally friendly way to eliminate a great many pests in your garden. The microscopic particles are razor sharp and when the insect grooms itself, it is like eating razor blades. It dies.


You can set traps. Use small lengths of hose and these creeping/hiding insects will hide in the hose (3/4 inch plastic pipe is excellent).

Knock them out in the very early morning into a bucket of soapy water so they drown.

For bulbs, these are the main organic and environmentally sound methods of controlling this interesting insect.

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