Five Factors in Successfully Growing Dutchmans Pipe Vine

Dutchmans pipe vine (Aristolochia durior) is a fast growing vine with large heart shaped leaves.

It easily grows to twenty feet tall and equally wide if given a good supporting trellis. Older gardens have often used it to cover sun porches or screens. There are several related plants in this family that are tropical and not overly hardy past 20F


The plant blooms in late spring or early summer (May-June) depending on location and the shape of the flowers (that come out in pairs) gives rise to this common name.


Dutchman's pipe is an insect gathering plant – there are numerous small hairs in the flower that prevent pollinating insects from escaping the flower once they've entered. To attract insects, it has a carrion smell - rotting meat.

The intensity of this smell seems to vary with location and individual plant but it will never be mistaken for a sweet smelling rose even at the best of times.

I note that some folks don't seem to mind the smell for the duration of flowering (or maybe they're not home then) :-)


You can count on this fast growing vine being hardy down into USDA zone 4 in most years.


It does come from tender tip cuttings in the spring although most professional propagators will use a rooting hormone to hasten root development.

It can also be started from collected seed if the seed is given 90 days cool treatment in the refrigerator at 40F.

And finally, once the plant is established, it can be divided as it will send up new shoots in an attempt to conquer the world.

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Dutchman's pipe will tolerate sun or shade.

As long as you give it reasonably well drained and fertile soil it will cover a trellis in its first year.

Give it a trellis/support and stand back.

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