About Author Doug Green

Hi - this may not be your typical "about the author" page. But then again, I'm not exactly typical and my readers may not be your average gardeners either.

Here's why.

  • I'm super-curious about most things and I want to know how stuff works. I'm not content to read the usual blah-blah but want real information based on real data. (just because somebody online says it works is no reason for me to believe it)

  • I love to laugh and much of the time my funny bone is aimed at myself.

  • I have little respect for those who would destroy or pollute our earth for a few dollars.

  • I garden organically. Every page of my sites is based on organic gardening techniques.

  • I garden because it makes sense to me and I feel alive out in my garden close to the natural world and the energy that's there.

  • My garden shed is an unorganized mess. I make no bones about being neat and tidy.

  • My garden has weeds. Sigh. The darn things come along all the time. But like the shed, I can worry about the weeds or I can worry about other more important things.

  • I'm more of an introvert than I would have thought. I prefer the garden, my camera and my word processor rather than the city lights.

  • I could tell you about the writing award or how proud I am of my kids and all that other stuff most often found on these kinds of pages. But you now know the important stuff - I'm insatiably curious, love to laugh at myself, have a wry sense of humour and am a confirmed organic gardener who passes information along.

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    General Info

    Our garden is on an island off the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada out in Lake Ontario. It's a USDA zone 4 garden. My partner, Mayo Underwood, is an acknowledged heirloom plant expert and we grow a great many plants for ourselves and on trials to share information with readers.

    Other Websites

    DougGreensGarden.com (Blog, Container Gardening, Greenhouses, Landscaping, Lawns, Tips and Hints, Perennials, Ponds, Propagation, Pruning, Reviews, Tools.

    DFrankGreen.com my fiction writing website

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