The Most Important Thing To Do In Daffodil Care and Moving Them

Daffodil care is a pretty simple gardening thing as there are few pests that bother this plant. Given it is poisonous, no animal eats it. So what is it that's important?

The most important thing

The single most important thing to note is that you want to allow the leaves to naturally turn yellow. You don't want to cut them back before this happens because those leaves are feeding the bulbs.

And it is this spring feeding of leafy energy that makes next year's flower buds. When the leaves start to yellow, then feel free to cut them to the ground but not before.

Once the leaves have turned yellow, you can cut them to the ground.

Easy Deadheading for the Big Trumpet Daffodils

The other question that sometimes comes along is how to care for this plant when you move it. And this too is pretty simple gardening.

daffodil jetfire

Daffodil 'Jetfire'

How to move daffodils

You "can" dig it immediately after flowering and move it; replanting exactly at the same depth. The bulb will not be happy and it may not flower the following year but it will likely live. You have to do this very carefully.

In general, I suggest waiting until the leaves are yellow (same advice) and then you know the bulb is going dormant. A dormant bulb can be dug and moved or dug and stored cool and dry for the summer to be replanted late in the fall along with the other fall-planted bulbs.

So this means if you have to decide when to dig and move them - it can be done at any time after the bulb leaves have gone yellow. And when you have the energy and time.

I do get asked if you can move them *immediately* after blooming and the answer is "sometimes" they'll live and sometimes they won't. Sorry, but that's the best I can do. They do not want to move so if you do move them, you're taking your chances.

Book cover spring bulbs

And that's the basics of daffodil care. There's no magic here, just let them do their thing and don't cut back those leaves. Daffodils will last for years with a minimum of feeding and care.

daffodil care

Daffodil 'Dick Wilden'

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