Five Hints for Growing Culinary Herbs in the Backyard Garden

Growing Culinary herbs is one of the great delights in the herb garden because there is nothing like a freshly harvested flavor to lend a sparkle to your table.

Here are a few hints and tips that I hope you'll find useful.

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This lists all the herbs commonly used in the kitchen and how to grow them.

herb garden container

Our container of culinary herbs on our back steps

Hint Number One

Only grow those herbs you regularly use now. I've seen many folks try to grow a ton of herbs and then these harvested leaves sit and are never used. It is a lot of work to grow and harvest herbs that will never see the light of day in your kitchen.

Hint Number Two

Remember that culinary herbs are usually only good for a year before they start to lose their flavor and potency. Store them in glass jars in a dark cupboard and they'll stay fresh for a year.

Culinary Herbs Hint Number Three

Only grow what you'll use in a year. Let me suggest that if you only use sage for the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey, that one lonely plant will give you more than you can possibly imagine. It would be a waste of gardening space and gardening effort to grow several plants.

Hint Number Four

Many of the culinary herbs can also turn into garden weeds or garden thugs. Spearmint is the Attila the Hun of the herb garden and chives self-sow like crazy and will come up everywhere. While this may sound pretty good in theory – in practice, it can take up a lot of time. So do learn to deadhead some of these plants and control the plants before they get ahead of you.

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Hint Number Five

In growing the culinary herbs, you are going to eat these plants. So do not use pesticides on them. Organic methods are important for real success and flavor.

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