Rabbits are eating my crocus

My crocuses bloomed and then they were eaten by a wild rabbit. Is there
anything i can do to stop him from eating my flowers? Thanks for the help.

Doug says - Ah the famous dad-watted wabbit.

Hmm, well let's see

1) We can fence him out.

2) We can get a big dog that is chained right next to the flowers.

3) We can spray the flowers with something like deer-off that contains bitrex (the higher the concentration the better) so that they don't like the taste of the flower.

4) We can water our plants and dust them with finely ground black pepper. They don't like the taste of this. It does wash off fairly quickly in the dew so you'll have to redo it every day or two.

And that's about the extent of it. Once they start eating, it is a terrible problem to get them to stop.

You have to spray your plants with the terrible tasting stuff before they start flowering, during flowering and even sometimes after flowering.

This holds true for preventing almost any critter from eating your plants. Get some of this stuff and spray it. Remember 'Bitrex' in the product does the trick.

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