Growing Crinum or Swamp Lily

Crinum or Swamp Lily (who names these bulbs anyway) is another of the late-flowering summer bulbs.

Best Advice

The best advice I can give you with this one is to plant one bulb to a pot – it seems to do better that way and this makes it ideal for an apartment balcony garden or container garden rather than a strictly garden bulb. Use a pot that leaves approximately two inches between the edge of the bulb and the edge of the pot. Use an artificial soil or a good quality potting soil that will not compact over the summer. Feed all summer with half strength liquid plant food to keep the bulb growing well.


It is another of the gorgeous South African bulbs so don’t count on it being hardy. Store indoors for the winter; keep cool and dry. Do note that the older the bulb (and bigger) the more profuse it will flower so this is one bulb that it will pay to keep around for a few years. crinum or swamp lily

Growing Information

Flower colour: dark pink, white
Flowering period: August-September
Average plant height: 60 - 120 cm
Planting depth to base of bulbs: bulb under the ground, neck above ground
Spacing between bulbs: 45 cm
Type of bulb: bulb
Light requirements: sunny location although it will adapt to a part shade environment where it gets at least a half day of sun.

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