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If you're like me, you want your container gardens to look like the ones in magazines. Full, lush and growing strongly all season. The only difference between us is that I ran a nursery that grew these monster baskets and I got to grow them every year for my customers (who could easily pay the rates for this kind of display)

So what I'm doing here is sharing all the techniques and secrets we used to design and maintain these glorious plants.  Now that I'm writing and gardening for myself, I see no reason why you shouldn't know how easy it is to do once you know the methods.

Show-Basket Growing Tips

This ebook summarizes all the things I used to do in our nursery to produce show baskets for estates and horse farm competitions.

We produced hundreds of these stunning baskets every year. And believe it or not, we actually had to lock the greenhouses where we kept them because each and every one was a reserved custom basket. New customers would try to get inside to buy them in almost any way they could; my favorite was when a woman had her husband try to squeeze through the ventilation openings to get one. (I note the basket was way too large to go out through that vent opening even if he had succeeded in getting inside).

But yes, there are both design and growing tricks to put together a basket like this and to maintain it. And I've written about them (and added illustrations) so you can do this yourself.

Is That How They Did That!

*What you need to know about the containers themselves because your choice of material and size will determine all aspects; from design to growing hints like watering and the plants in them.

The Important Soils and Feeding Techniques

*Soils and why you should only use an artifiical peat based container soil and why you never, ever use real garden soil

*How to Reuse the soil year after year.  My mom was born in Scotland and we never wasted anything so why should I throw away perfectly good soil.  Here's how I rejuvenate it every year and save a ton of dollars.

*Soil temperatures and how they can influence our plants and be influenced in turn.   And more importantly what you can do to reduce this problem.

*Watering - sounds simple but knowing how to water properly will make all the difference to your containers.  We had a saying in the greenhouse industry, "he who holds the hose, holds the profits".  So the "profit" or beauty in your basket rests with whoever does the watering.

*A simple way to take care of your container or basket when you forget to water (and we all do) here's how to repair that problem.

*Feeding - you only have to feed if you want leaves, flowers or fruit.  Here's why most of  your plant food is going out the bottom of the pot and what you can do about it.  *I use a simple system for making super baskets and I tell you a way to grow a really huge basket if you like long-term fertilizer.

*Why not to use those chemical water holding agents.  These are ineffective and cancer causing. That pretty much sums that up.

Container Design Tips to Make Those Huge Baskets in Magazines. 

*You want to know how to design those massive baskets.  I give you the way we used to do it - a way to arrange plants so that they look full and interesting right from the get-go.  And most importantly, the older the basket gets, the better looking it gets because you've designed for the growth.

*We discoveed several techniques in our nursery for actually planting different sized containers and achieving the same look in both.  I'll share this simple pot planting technique in the ebook so you know automatically how many plants to put in a pot.

*Mind you, once you get them growing there is the needed maintenance and if you don't do this, you might as well not start.  Using the watering systems and planting techniques in this ebook, a container will quickly outgrow itself if you are not there to properly manage it's growth.  This pruning and maintaining is described here.

Design Trends

*Current design trends suggest we combine our plants - perennials, annuals, tropicals and foliage plants all together in one basket.  These are stunning baskets but there are a few things you have to take into consideration before actually putting them together.  

*The factors you have to match and consider are explained here in both the nice-to-do's and the have-to-do's in order to succeed.

Special Plant Tips Sections

*Growing and Design Tips for these classes of plants (each in their own section)



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