Companion Planting for Vegetable Gardening

What if you could get better vegetable garden harvests by combining plants properly?

Award winning garden author Doug Green tells you what really works and what myths abound in companion planting.  He strips the mystery away from the accumulated lore to give you real tools that work in your garden.

Bringing his 30+ years of professional gardening and love of making things simple to use in his own garden, Doug summarizes what you can do easily and practically to decrease the use of chemicals in your garden while increasing the harvests from your favorite plants.

He describes the exact plants to use with trap-cropping - attracting insects to plants you don't care about to protect those you do want to grow.  When plants aren't stressed, they yield more so getting insects to leave them alone is the first step.

He gives you a simple system of crop rotation to eliminate the buildup of crop pests.  When you rotate your plants from year to year using this simple system, you get rid of problems before they start.

The easy to understand graphics of traditional companion planting techniques were designed with help and feedback from his readers.  Each vegetable in the garden is presented as, "if you grow this, then this is what it does or doesn't do" picture.  No confusing, hard to understand charts.

By using both the scientifically proven techniques as well as the traditional garden practices in this book, your vegetable garden will be a healthier place for you, you children and your pets (always assuming your pets steal vegetables like Doug's dogs used to do)  

This book will help you have a better, safer and more productive vegetable garden and it's explained in Doug's clear and unique style.

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