How To Grow Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow In The Spring Flower Garden

Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow are fun little spring blooming bulbs that are one of the easiest of small bulbs to grow.


Plant the bottom of the bulb 2 inches deep and approximately 4-6 inches apart. If happy, this little bulb self sows and will form a carpet of spring colour.

For this reason, they are wonderful if planted under deciduous shrubs where they can happily bloom in the spring and be dried out for the summer from the shrub’s root competition. The are also particularly well suited for growing in containers or in rock gardens.

Chionodoxa forbesii 'Blue Giant

How To Grow

As the text books all say, “Grow this bulb in any fertile, humus or organically rich soil in full sun.” Mulch with leaves or compost is appreciated.


You can propagate this bulb by digging it up and removing the small bulbous offsets. Replant both. Or, you can collect the seed of Chionodoxa and sow as you would for any perennial for more flowers. (actually scattering the seed where you want to see new bulbs is far easier if a little less precise) Allow the flower heads to go to seed and when you see the small pods turn brown, they can be harvested.

Book cover spring bulbs

Last thoughts

As with any other bulb, do not cut back the foliage on this bulb but allow the leaves to generate energy for future buds and blooms.

And finally, you may have more luck finding this bulb (and its different species) online than you will in local garden centers. It will not be advertised directly but will be available from major bulb advertisers.

Chionodoxa sardensis
Chionodoxa sardensis

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