Plant Review: Annual Treasures: Centradenia floribunda Mauve

This is a purple flowering plant that's "semi-evergreen" in really warm climates but might prove to be slightly frost-hardy here in USDA 4.

I'll get back to you on this after the trial this summer.

Note: I purchased this plant this spring for plant trial purposes.

When it comes to Centradenia floribunda culture, I'm going with my gut on this first year plant. Lots of hot sunshine and well-drained soils. No lack of water for the first two weeks then I'll allow regular watering.

Centradenia floribunda Culture

Height: 6-inches

Plant apart: 24 to 36-inches according to plant tag

Blooms: Spring until fall

Sun: Full sun to light shade. The further South you go, the more shade it might take.

Use: Probably a great basket plant because of its trailing nature.


Image courtesy Wikimedia Centradenia floribunda or alternately, Heterocentron elegans (I'm not current on this Latin name) but it was sold as Centradenia

Plant Review Comments

This is the first year I've grown this plant so it's a new one for me.

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Planted May 2013.

The spring has been cool and damp and this plant is growing slowly and not doing much of anything. This might very well be expected of a more Southerly heat-loving plant so we'll see.

Note: Pictures will be coming when the plant produces any. I got it as a well-rooted starter plant but with no flowers.

October: No flowers on this plant at all - none all summer - so if you're looking for a reddish foliage creeper in the North, could be fine otherwise, pass on it.

I'll pass from now on.

Update 2014: Never did see a flower in this plant to take a picture. And didn't see it in garden centers this spring in my area.

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