How To Grow Celeriac - An Easy and Tasty Vegetable

Treat celeriac much like celery in the north, sowing indoors and growing in exactly the same way.

The cautions about low temperatures apply equally to both.

Starting Celeriac

You can start them in individual peat pots (2 seeds to the pot and thin to the strongest) if you only want a few but the easiest is to sow the seed directly outdoors.


Celeriac root

Alternately, you can direct sow at three seeds to the inch and thin out the row to six inches apart when the plants are approximately four to six inches tall. Sow one quarter inch deep. This is a slow germinator (15 days plus or minus several depending on weather) so it is a great place to use radish seed as a "marker" seed and harvest the radish to help thin out the celeriac.

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Harvest the rounded small turnip-like roots when they are two inches in diameter.

They taste kind of nut-like and do not require any blanching to make them whitish. If you let them get larger, they get woody.


You can store them if you cut the tops off and cover them with dry sand at temperatures of 35 to 40 F.

Don't store them in the same container or area where you have very strong smells such as cabbage or onion. They'll quickly pick up that smell.

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