Can I Plant My Bulbs Now?

Can I plant my flower bulbs this spring and what will they do?

Absolutely you can plant them! For sure! Yes!

What will they do? Will They Bloom?

Quick answer: it depends.


It depends on whether your bulbs were pre-cooled. If they were given the necessary 12 weeks of chilling temperatures necessary to set buds, then yes, they will bloom. If they were not given the chilling, then no, they will not bloom.

This applies to spring flowering bulbs: tulips, crocus, daffodils, hyacinth etc. It does not apply to summer blooming bulbs like gladiola that you normally plant now.

How Were They Stored?

It depends on whether your bulbs were stored in a bin in some garden center all winter. In that case, no they won’t bloom (unless chilled for the required time)

Where do You Live?

It depends on where you live. If you live in the south and you plant pre-cooled bulbs, then yes they will bloom this spring but because you can’t give them 12 weeks of cold temperatures, (you live in the warm south remember?) they won’t bloom the following year. The solution to that is to dig them up and chill them in your refrigerator for the necessary time and then replant.

Are my bulbs alive?

Darned if I know but if they are still firm and hard, then there is likely some sense of life there.

If soft at all, they'’re dead.

Can I Plant Them?

Can I plant them? Sure you can but if they’ve been sitting in the paper bag all winter, don’t expect them to bloom this spring. See above. You’'ll be lucky if they’re alive. Don’t push your luck.

But if you don't plant them, they'll never bloom and then you'll never know. So if in doubt - plant.

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