Brown Winged right rear leg

by Stacey
(Reading, PA )

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While sitting on front porch steps in the city, this insect landed on the railing. Only the rear right leg is winged. The tips of the antenna are reddish in color. My first thought was a roach which are known to fly although most people see them crawling. Any suggestions what this creature is?

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Leaf-footed bug
by: Moni

Your insect is one of the leaf-footed bugs. Because the antenna has the reddish tip, and since you live in PA... it is probably Acanthocephala terminalis (sorry there is no common name).

They are found usually on shrubs near woodlands, fields or meadows. They feed on plants, but are not pests. If they are mishandled they will give off a bad odor.

They do overwinter as adults, so this one probably just needs to find a mate and then its life cycle is finished. Since they have six legs, it is interesting how well insects can get around with damage to one of them.

Great find! Thanks for sharing!

Brown winged insect
by: Stacey

Thank you for your help in identifying this insect for me. Your expertise and feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks again!!!

by: Stuart

Common name: Sonetimes called "stinkbug"

Leaf-footed bug
by: Moni

These are not what is called stink bugs...they are in another family.
Stink bugs are related to leaf-footed bugs which are related to squash bugs...these all stink if smashed. But not all true bugs related to these bugs stink when smashed.

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