blue wings and long (Antlion adult)

by Tamara Carpenter
(Orlando Fl)

long with pretty blue wings. Live in Orlando FL weird bug capital of the world. Just want to know if this guy will suck out my soul or if he should live.

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Antlion adult
by: Moni

Your photo is of an antlion adult. These do look a bit like dragonflies or damselflies with the clear wings. These are nocturnal, sometimes coming to porch lights at night.

The larvae, also called doodlebugs, live in burrows in sandy soil. They can only move backwards. They form a funnel which other insects fall into...where they are eaten as food.
The antlion name comes from the larvae stage because many of the insects that fall in the funnel are ants that are then attacked and eaten. The ants or other insects that are the food are not chewed but are injected with an enzyme, using the sharp jaw-like straw mouthparts, then the liquid inner body is sucked out.

Adult antlions are believed to eat nectar or pollen. They are not strong fliers.
These are beneficial insects since the larvae eat other insects.

Antlions will not bite or sting.

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