Black and Red bug (Boxelder bug nymph)

by Tom
(Atlanta GA)

Not sure if this is a good or bad bug, but seem to have a swarm of them, all sizes tho average about half inch long.

Not sure if they are OK or not. Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks.

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Boxelder bug nymph
by: Moni

You have boxelder bug nymphs, which are the young of the boxelder bug (Boisea trivittata). The nymphs of the boxelder bug have what looks like a yellow spot on the center back of the abdomen. Boxelder bugs do like to congregate together.

As expected they feed on boxelder trees, rarely causing any economic problem. They are not a pest. They can be observed feeding on ash, maple, plum, cherry, apple, peach, grape and strawberries, where they can damage the fruit.
They are known to be nuisance pests in the fall as they accumulate on the sides of homes. They also seem to manage to come indoors in the fall...which is a nuisance. The time spent in or on our homes, they are not causing a problem.
If these are outside, then you really have no problem. When they become a problem in our homes here in the North we just vacuum them to get rid of them.

They do not bite nor eat anything except maple and boxelder seeds/fruits. No pesticide is needed nor labeled for spraying this insect.

You can use soapy water to spray them but a shop-vac is more effective if you have a lot collecting on the side of the house...which will help prevent them from coming in the house.

by: Anonymous

Thanks Moni. That was our guess, but wasn't very sure about them.

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