Practical Techniques in Biological Pest Control

This page about biological pest control is the entry page to an entire range of articles about specific kinds of pests and how to deal with them using only environmentally sound systems.

Get Your Insect Identified

Get your insect identified

A trained entomologist (Moni) identifies your uploaded pictures of insects you find. Please thank her when she helps you.

Practical Biological Pest Control Products and Tips

Organic Aphid Control

Aphids are one of the most common pests but one of the more easily controlled ones.

Organic Control Birch Leaf Miner

Several options for organic control of the birch leaf miner

Cabbage Loopers

Big holes in your cabbage, broccoli leaves? You have cabbage loopers

Cats In Your Garden

Cats can be a problem and here are a few simple things that may help you control them

Chinch bugs

An insect - looks like a fly - can be a lawn problem, here's how to identify and control.

A list of companion planting combinations

A list of companion planting combinations direct from Doug's extensive old gardening book collection

Controlling Earwigs

How to control earwigs but understand they're great garden helpers and get a bad rap

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an organic product that kills many insects by scraping them to death

Natural Ant Control

Ants are nature's cleanup crew and good guys in the garden but unwanted houseguests

Rotenone and Safety

The bottom line on rotenone is that it's organic but dangerous to humans too.

Red Lily Beetle

This is a monster pest of lilies and here's what to do about it

Controlling Large Animals

Controlling Deer

Controlling deer in the garden - convincing them to leave you alone

Controlling Groundhogs

Here's my guaranteed no hassle, no problem way of eliminating groundhogs in your garden.

Nine Tips For Animals In The Garden

Nine Remedies for Controlling Animals in the Garden Seven tips for deterring cats in your garden you can use immediately.

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