Big Eyed brown Bug (Hanging-thieves robber fly)

by Colleen
(Bethlehem, PA)

Big Eyed Bug

Big Eyed Bug

This guy was in our garden shed.

He was very large, about the size of a...well, this is weird, I can't think of a comparable.

maybe 2 to 2.5" tall

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Hanging-thieves robber fly
by: Moni

Your insect is a robber fly called hanging-thieves because they hang by their forelegs while they eat.

This robber fly, like all robber flies feed on other insects...sometimes they catch insects larger than themselves. They do prefer to eat mostly wasps, but will also eat dragonflies, damselflies and other flies. The larva live in the soil and are probably predators there.

There is a concern that these flies can be a pest if they prey on honey bees.

These robber flies are found all over North America in woodland and open areas. They prefer to hunt in shaded woodlands.

They are not known to bite humans.

Big eyed brown bug
by: Colleen

Thank you, Moni!
The garden is such a fascinating place.
I love learning about all these strange critters.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

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