Bidens Is A Superb Container Plant

I have grown Bidens for more years than I'll admit and I have to say I'm delighted to see this plant getting more exposure in our gardening world. To give you some sense of this, I found my original seed on a European seedlist (back in my specialist nursery days) and germinated it myself (it's tricky unfortunately) I got a few seedlings, grew it all summer and moved it back indoors and started taking cuttings. Even as a species plant it was a superb plant and now the selections are even better. Love this plant!

If you've been looking for the ultimate container gardening, trailing daisy in yellow - look no further because you've found it.

How To Grow Bidens

Sun: Full sun or very light shade. If you give it too much shade, it will simply stop blooming or go all leggy-ugly on you.

Height; 8-12 inches (20-30 cm)

Flower: shades of yellow

Drought tolerance: Medium. It got through the normal forget-to-water day or two but serious drying produces a withered plant quickly. Once it started withering, it was tough to bring back more than once or twice (yeah, I abuse a lot of plants so I can give you reviews) before it had a serious case of the ugly-plant syndrome.

Bloomtime: all summer - from late spring until hard frost (it's frost-resistant)

Growth habit: sprawling. Makes a perfect plant for a container or very low ground cover.


Bidens 'Goldmarie' - a lovely variety and still one of the best.

Propagation: Getting Your Own

Way back in the day in my specialist nursery, I started the original plant from seed. So yes, it can be started from seed BUT it didn't like to be started very easily. Germination rates were terribly low for me.

I really prefer taking plant cuttings and it roots quickly and easily with normal propagation techniques. I'd never start mine in my home garden from seed now. I'd buy my plants (and did for these trials)

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Doug's Bottom Line

The problem with trying to write a review of this plant is that I'm a huge fan of the species and so completely biased.

Great plant - thumbs up - did well again in my garden and I'd grow it again (and will) Never met one I didn't like. But yes, I'll do my best to keep finding and growing new varieties in case I can find one I don't like. :-)

And I'd recommend you buy the plant - take cuttings if you need to - but don't bother with seeds.

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