All About Annual Flowers

Annual flowers are the delight of those of us who want a blazing riot of colour for much of the gardening season. While perennial flowers usually are short-lived, annuals tend to shout across the garden all summer long. They are cheap to buy, cheaper still to start yourself and come in an amazing variety of sizes and colours.

How To Prune Petunias

Planting Tips and Techniques

Planting Annual Flowers

Read this one if nothing else. This is the latest research on proper techniques to get the best growth from your annual flowers.

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Plant Profiles

How to Grow Acroclinium for Cut Flowers and Color

This is is a great cut or dried flower and is easy to grow if you don't transplant it - sow it directly

Ageratum Doesn't Have to Be Tricky To Grow

Ageratum can be tricky to start unless you follow these suggestions.

You Can Grow Fragrant Alyssum

Alyssum is a great ground cover and useful annual (with a great fragrance as well)


Amaranthus come in a stunning variety of flowering and foliage plants


How to grow one of the classic cut flower annuals cheaply in your own garden


Is a wonderful container gardening plant that blooms all summer with bright, cheerful yellow flowers.

California poppies

A classic self-sowing cheerful annual flower to brighten up your garden

Centradenia Trial and Review

This is a Southern vine like plant with purplish flowers - it was a waste of time in my garden and I won't grow it again. But more southerly gardeners might find it useful.

Growing Cleome Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Cleome are graceful plants but there's a trick to starting them. Here it is

Coleus for Classic Shade Gardens

The foliage of coleus gives a great colour show in the shade garden now (great impatiens replacement)

Datura or Brugmansia are Super Flowering Plants But They Are Poisonous

Brugmansia as it is now called, is an amazing garden plant. It is poisonous and should be treated with care - but those flower and that fragrance!


How to grow one of the classic annual plants and which one to pick for which landscape purpose

Overwintering Geraniums

You probably can't do it like grandma did but here's how you can succeed

6 Kinds of Impatiens

How to grow the six different kinds of impatiens - contrary to garden center advice

Why You Can't Grow Impatiens Any More

The disease is called Downy Mildew and here's how it works as well as a list of alternative plants you can grow in your shade garden


Nicotiana or flowering tobacco is a sweet smelling annual flower


The newer plants, including some you can grow yourself from seed, bloom heavily right up to the last serious killing frost and are well worth experimenting with in your full sun garden


Here are some growing tips you probably didn't know - right from the grower.

Sweet Pea Flowers

A fragrant, lovely bloomer if you plant it at the right time

Torenia or Wishbone Flower

Modern hybrids are super in containers for the shade garden as a replacement for impatiens. Here's how to grow and start your own.


Proven Winners Osteospermum 'Lilac Spoon'

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