Germinating Seeds and Growing Anise in Your Backyard Herb Garden

Growing Anise or Pimpinella anisum is one of the fragrant herbs for seasoning that is easy to germinate if you use fresh seed. Old seed tends to be harder to start so only keep the seed two years.


Germinate seeds at 60-72F and sow them approximately one quarter inch deep. Seed should germinate in two weeks.

Cover very lightly as this is a fairly small seed.

You'll have better luck if you sow directly into a pot (about six to eight seeds per pot) as the root system of the seedlings resents transplanting.

It is easier to sow a few extra in a pot and then weed out the weaker seedlings leaving only one or two plants per pot than to transplant.

Growing Anise Before Putting Outdoors

Once you've germinated them, growing anise in full sunshine and 55F air temperatures to stop them from growing tall and thin. High temperatures will cause the plants to grow quite tall.

Once all danger of frost has passed, plant outside and try to avoid disturbing the roots.

You can direct sow the seed in the garden if you do this in early May. Sow very shallowly (one quarter inch deep) and thin seedlings to 8 inches apart.

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Anise Is An Annual Crop

Remember this is an annual crop. You'll have to start the plants indoors if you want the seed to ripen as it takes a long time and a lot of heat to do so.

Use the anise leaves with their licorice flavour anywhere you like the taste.

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