Everything You Need to Know About Growing Amaranthus in the Flower Garden

Amaranthus is not just another pretty face. It turns out this is one plant with a history, or more specifically a mythology. In Greece Amaranthus was considered to have healing powers.

This plant is also eaten by people all over the world as a grain, vegetable and tea. Surprisingly high in many vitamins, its only drawback seems to be that it inhibits the absorption of calcium in the body.

For most of us, it is a beautiful ornamental flower making a statement with its rich colours, or a persistent yet attractive weed.

It makes a great cut flower, growing 3-4 ft/ 91-122 cm tall, and dries well without losing its brilliant colours.


Amaranthus or Love Lies Bleeding


Mid-March is the time to sow seed, and it's happiest when 3mm or 1/8 in into the soil and lightly covered.

Sandy soil that drains well is best to give this plant a bit of air circulation.

Be patient with the Amaranthus. It will take about 24 days to germinate.

It will be happiest if the soil temperature is between 65-75 degrees F/ 18-24 degrees C. If the soil temperature drops below this point, use a little lukewarm water to keep the seed happy.

Seedlings outside should be planted in late April, early May in full sun with dry soil again.

Seedlings can be thinned so that there is about 2 in / 5 cm distance between each. This will give them a chance to spread out and become bushier, showing off their foliage and colour.

Growing Conditions

This plant is popular when in bloom, so either guard it from your relatives, or transplant enough into packs that it can be generously distributed.

Amaranthus is generally happier when transplanted, kind of like your teenager who is happier once they've transplanted themselves into a new location (not to mention your relief)!

This movement should help to speed up and intensify the coloring of the leaves, making the colors more vibrant faster. Ranging from purple, to red, to gold, this plant is happy to be useful, but happier to be an ornament in your garden.

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Like I mentioned above, keep the soil well drained for this picky plant. Amaranthus likes things hot and dry and needs to be watched closely for insects and disease.

Don't over-water this one, as it will not thank you for the extra drinks.

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