You Can Grow Fragrant Alyssum

Alyssum is one of the easiest of annual plants to grow and succeed with.  Its fragrant flowers perfume still nights and in a mild garden, it will even self-sow from one year to the next.

I sow this plant where I want it to bloom and I usually only cover the seed very slightly to help hold the moisture around the seed.  It does not require darkness for germination but it does appreciate a steady supply of water.   The seed can be started indoors in cell packs but be sure to space the seeds at least ½ inch apart.  Crowding them will lead to rotting and a sure death.  This is the same for sowing in the ground as well as sowing in the house – give them space to grow and allow air to circulate.

Alyssum grows best

It does best in full sun to part shade and once it starts blooming, it will continue for a long time with fragrant white, light pink or purplish blooms.  

It does not appreciate soggy ground (it rots when unhappy) and does best where air circulation is high.  The dense mat of flowers and leaves can lead to rotting if the plant is too crowded or two wet.


Alyssum mixed colors

An Interesting Growing Tip

If the plant gets leggy, it can be sheared back by half and it will bush out again and start reblooming.

It grows nicely where fertility levels are not all that high.  Too fertile a garden soil will produce leggier plants faster than a poor soil.

And that's all you really need to know about alyssum to succeed.  I tend to grow mine in gravel pathways where it will self sow quite happily and be a nice addition to the garden.  Some gardeners use this plant as a border edging to create a visual "edge" to the garden picture.  And it has a limited use in containers as it tends to get leggy quickly; prune or remove it from the basket when it becomes ugly.

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And by the way

There is a perennial alyssum - it is really called Aurinia and it is yellow. It blooms in the spring.

The perennial mats of red, purples and whites in the spring are creeping ground phlox (Phlox subulata) and not alyssum. Creeping phlox does not bloom all summer.

The only alyssum that blooms all summer is annual.

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