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Doug Green's Garden, Announcement
March 01, 2005
This is a special issue of Doug Green’s Garden to do two things. The first is to note that this is being sent out without html coding. It should sneak through spam filters to let you know that unless you got a newsletter last week, your spam filter is intercepting the newsletter. This may be good news or it may be bad news – depending on your point of view. :-) Please add the “return address” on your newsletter to your spam filter whitelist to allow this newsletter to go through your spam filters.

And INTRODUCING "DOUG'S BLOG". It is called “Gardens and Gardening News” and I’ll be using it to tell you of the new pages I’m putting on the websites and any interesting links I find out on the Net.

I’m a big fan of good blogs; they give me the information I want without spam, fuss or muss. I get the BBC, NYT, CBC all on my RSS reader not to mention some writerly things and just plain fun stuff (like NASCAR).

If you know what a blog is and you already have a reader, let me invite you to visit to sign up for my blog. Or, you can simply add the xml feed - - to your reader. Cut and paste it from this note.

If you don't know what a blog is or don't have a reader - I've set up a full page explaining what it is and does as well as how to get a free RSS reader (like a browser for blogs). You can find that at

From now on, as I write a new page, I'll automatically blog it so you can see the new article summaries without having to search for them.

Long time readers will quickly note that my old website at has changed dramatically. Because I'm now writing in several different websites, the articles at were redundant. I'm in the process of changing this site to hold my e-books and other reports for you to download (once I write them) :-)

So, visit the website and sign up for my blog. It really is spam free and the wave of the future.


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