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I'm Doug Green, a semi-retired nurseryman who used to produce 1600 varieties of perennials and 600-800 varieties of annuals every spring in my nursery and garden center.

My objective with both of my websites is to help you have a better garden using organic methods and to provide you with honest, accurate information that's based on what really works and not just what the Internet says.

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We named our old nursery after this Shaker hymn and in 1998 when I shut down the nursery to write full time, I kept the website.

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strange white hairy crawling insect (Southern Flannel moth caterpillar)

It was crawling appeared to have many legs like a centiped, looked like it had a segmented body when it walked. Its was covered in white hair with a orange

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green caterpillar (Imperial moth caterpillar)

Large green caterpillar approximately 2-3 inches long and half inch wide. Red face. small yellow nubs all over. found in san antonio texas

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Green caterpillar with intermittent stripes (Olive green cutworm)

I found this caterpillar on our patio on Nov. 11th. We have searched our books and the internet and haven't been able to identify it. However, a google

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I live in Ohio. This green bug is the size of a mosquito. (Assassin bug nymph)

Lime green and size of a mosquito. I live in Ohio and have had 3 in my house in 24 hours???

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Red bug eating on Kapok tree (Cotton stainer nymph)

Hi, My kapok tree is infested by these red bugs, about 1/2 inch long when full size (I have all sorts of juniors as well). 6 legs plus antennas, two black

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Lime green center ( Saddleback Caterpillar )

This lil fellow/gal has been on the leaf of the morning glory for two days now. Seems to enjoy munching on it. Bright green in its mid section with an

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Red and Orange Insects pg 2

A page where red insect pictures have been identified for readers

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Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 6

Page 6 Caterpillar identification pictures and information where an entomologist identifies reader submitted insect pages

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Growing Erythronium or Dog's Tooth Violet in the Spring Perennial Garden

How to grow Erythronium or dog's tooth violet in the spring blooming bulb garden

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Spider Pictures With Names Page 2

Spider pictures with names and identification where you can upload your own pictures too

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