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I'm Doug Green, a semi-retired nurseryman who used to produce 1600 varieties of perennials and 600-800 varieties of annuals every spring in my nursery and garden center.

My objective with both of my websites is to help you have a better garden using organic methods and to provide you with honest, accurate information that's based on what really works and not just what the Internet says.

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We named our old nursery after this Shaker hymn and in 1998 when I shut down the nursery to write full time, I kept the website.

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large green-brown caterpillar with white spots

Kalamazoo, MI Since it was found on our treated deck and probably wants to burrow underground to pupate, I wouldn't have wanted to hold it captive.

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white 'hairy' caterpillar

caterpillar with white, fuzzie, uneven 'hair', about 1 inch long

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Red and Black Insect on Macadamia Nut tree in Southern California

This group of insects was see August 20, 2015 on the developing fruit of a Macadamia Tree located in Venice, California. Only this group was seen although

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Spider Pictures With Names Page 2

Spider pictures with names and identification where you can upload your own pictures too

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Very large brown/white and black flying insect (Horse fly)

It's a six legged, 2 wings only, very large fly type of insect. It has large greenish, brownish eyes, brown fuzzy shoulders with a black back and a white

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Caterpillar Pictures and Identification Page 6

Page 6 Caterpillar identification pictures and information where an entomologist identifies reader submitted insect pages

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Black Insects Page 4

find out what black insects are in your garden and have them identified by entomologist

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Orange Insects Page 1

These are mostly orange insects with orange the predominant color for help in insect identifcation you can upload your pictures here

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How To Solve The Worst Two Tomato Problems

Two of the common tomato problems (black bottoms and cracks) with links to tomato blight article

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The Beginners Guide To Growing Great Tasting Tomatoes

The beginners guide to growing great tasting tomatoes - almost everything you need to know from garden author Doug Green

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