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Doug Green
I'm Doug Green, a semi-retired nurseryman who used to produce 1600 varieties of perennials and 6-800- varieties of annuals every spring in my nursery and garden center.

My objective with both of my websites is to help you have a better garden using organic methods and to provide you with honest, accurate information that's based on what really works and not just what the Internet says.

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Organic Vegetable Gardening

Eat Fresh Out Of Your Garden

Practical organic vegetable gardening techniques I've been using for over 35 years in my garden. What works and what doesn't.

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Herb Gardening Demystified

From your garden with health

We have several herb gardens and grow them in containers because there are few things that spice up food like fresh herbs right from your own organic garden

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camel cricket

Pests and Problems

From insects to plant disease

Insect identification and control tips along with solving plant problems of all kinds

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Not as hard to grow as you think

Been there, grown those. Wrote two books. Love the fragrance. Here's how I do it.

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Flower Bulbs

Gorgeous blooms for your soul

With a little careful planning, you can have flowering bulbs almost year round

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trumpet vine

Flowering Vines

Garden vertically for blooms and privacy

If you need privacy or vertical gardening for even more flowers, here are the plants

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ebook cover

Gardening Ebooks

Information you can take with you

I've written almost 30 gardening ebooks and here they are all in one spot

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Growing Fruit

From garden to table

If you think your vegetables taste good, you need to taste your own garden fruit

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Growing Shrubs

Shrubs and evergreens are garden backbone plants

Here are the latest bits of garden research and information about planting and maintaining garden shrubs.

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Turning Garden Plants Into Houseplants

Grow plants in both places

There are some plants that will indeed live both indoors and outdoors and some that won't.

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Garden Pictures

We dream on pictures

Reader submitted garden pictures and a massive rebuilding of picture galleries here

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new guinaea impatiens

Annual Flowers

Super blooming plants to delight

Annuals are the blowsy vamps of the garden world giving us over the top colour

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A Free Ebook for Readers

From my book collection to you

A free ebook for readers - just because I can do it :-)

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Gardening Questions

Here's where to ask

Do a search. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask here. But read the instructions first.

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What's New?

You can keep up to date here

These are the latest pages I've published on the site - from insect id to articles

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We named our old nursery after this Shaker hymn and in 1998 when I shut down the nursery to write full time, I kept the website.

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